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Tatsuki Narita (Violin)

Tatsuki Narita was born in 1992. He began his violin studies in Sapporo at the age of three. In 2010, Narita was selected as a scholarship student of the Rohm Music Foundation. 

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In 2010, he won 2nd Prize in the Concours International MargueriteLongJacquesThibaud.

In 2012, he won 2nd Prize in the Concours Reine Elisabeth en Belgique, and in 2013 he was awarded 2nd Prize in the Sendai International Music Competition.

Tatsuki Narita has performed with many orchestras and conductors, including Petr Altrichter, Augustin Dumay, and Pietari Inkinen.

Narita collaborates frequently with contemporary classical composers. He commissioned the work “CHASM for Violin and Piano” from the contemporary classical composer Kenji Sakai; and at the Suntory Foundation for Arts Summer Festival he performed Sakai’s violin concerto “On a G String,” which earned the Akutagawa Award for Composition.

In November 2017, Narita gave the world premiere of Toshi Ichiyanagi’s composition “Double Concerto for Violin and Cello and Orchestra” (with Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi on cello).

Tatsuki Narita has studied with Masako Sawada, Eiko Ichikawa, Hamao Fujiwara, JeanJacques Kantorow, Svetlin Roussev, Florin Szigeti, and Ayako Tanaka.

His CD releases include Tatsuki Narita Debut SaintSaens, Franck, Faure, Paganini (Pf: Théo Fouchenneret).In August 2018, Narita performed with YeolEum Son, Svetlin Roussev and others at the 15th PyeongChang Music Festival & School held in Korea. He also appeared at Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival in Minsk.

Tatsuki Narita plays the 1711 “Tartini” from the golden age of Stradivarius, on loan from the Munetsugu Collection.

成田達輝Tatsuki Narita (Violin)

1992 年生まれ。札幌で3 歳よりヴァイオリンを始める。ロンティボー国際コンクール(2010)エリザベート王妃国際音楽コンクール2012、仙台国際音楽コンクール2013でそれぞれ第2 位受賞。これまでに、ペトル・アルトリヒテル、オーギュスタン・デュメイ、ピエタリ・インキネンなど著名指揮者や国内外オーケストラと多数共演している。2018 8 月と翌2 月に韓国で行われた平昌音楽祭に参加し、ソン・ヨルム、スヴェトリン・ルセヴらと共演。2018 年にはミンスクで行われたユーリ・バシュメット音楽祭にも参加している。使用楽器は、アントニオ・ストラディヴァリ黄金期の« Tartini » 1711 年製(宗次コレクションより貸与

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11/11 Fukushima

11/11 ふくしん夢の音楽堂

11/18 Santory Hall blue rose

11/18 サントリー小ホール

11/21  Phénix hall, Hiroshima

11/21 フェニックスホール 広島

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Track 1

par Tatsuki Narita | Rems for violin

Track 2

par Tatsuki Narita | Violin concerto No 1 in D Major Op 6 I Allegro Maestoso

Track 3

par Tatsuki Narita | Violin concerto No 1 in D Major Op 6 III Allegro Spirituoso

Track 4

par Tatsuki Narita | Violin concerto No 1 in D Major Op 6 II Allegro Espressivo

Track 5

par Tatsuki Narita | Violin Sonata In D Minor Op 27 No 3

Tatsuki Narita (artist, performance)

(Queen Elisabeth Competition of Belgium – violin) (3CD+bonus CD)



November 11 :

Fukushima, Japan



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November 11th

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November 18th

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November 21th

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